Hey! Well what to begin with..? It’s quite obvious to tell where i’m heading to by just reading the title. Though i’m not here today to explain why you should all go vegan straight away. So please, don’t be afraid to get triggered by the idea of that being the case. What i do want to … More Veganism?

Saturday evening

Hi there! Today has gone by pretty fast I must say. I hadn’t really planned on doing something because of my flu/cold. However this morning I felt rather good! Except from a slight headache and just overall ‘filled’ feeling in my nose and forehead (you know just that shit feeling in your head basically when you’ ve … More Saturday evening

Update on my hips

Hello! Haven’ t been blogging in a while again. Not because of lack of inspiration but mainly because of feeling like absolute shit. I’m not going to tell this more nicely than how it truly is for me. Nobody is going to gain anything from that, right? At least not me. So how are things going? … More Update on my hips


Hello! First of all: This post will be a little different from what I posted before. Why? Because I feel like turning my blog more into a personal diary form written kind of thing. It’s helpful to write stuff down in order to get it off my chest. So in case you’re not interested in … More Suffering

Being you

Hello and a good evening (for those who live somewhere within Europe), Today I want to address a topic I have been struggling a lot with myself. It’s being you and mainly living your own life. There’s so much options out there how you could be living your live. A good and accurate example is diets. And no … More Being you

Bumblebees can fly

When we have a closer look at the lovely little beings that bumblebees truly are (who couldn’t agree with that!? It’s a given fact, am I right) we might be able to conclude, or at least wonder about, the fact that they don’t particularly seem to be build to fly. Simply due to the fact that their bodyweight-wings ratio … More Bumblebees can fly